The unconscious can reserve essential messages for ears that know how to listen. (Carl Jung)

Once you have decided to have a LBL session and we have discussed dates, I will send you additional information with details for the preparation. But it is important that you know it consists of two parts (it would be preferable that the second part is done as soon as possible after the first). Each session can last from three to six hours, depending on each person.

The first part consists of a long interview in which we will talk about the process and what you wish to accomplish. Next the hypnotic regression induction towards different ages in your childhood, in your current life, the time you were in your mothers womb, and past life’s will take place in order to work on anything that is necessary. The objective of this is to find stuff blocking you (if they exist) whether its in your current life or past lives that need to be refined or understood so we can continue with the second part without any obstacles. This will also be useful to understand how your mind enters the state of expanded consciousness and how it interacts with past lives.

In the second part we start working with the list of questions that you need to bring prepared to the session (This will be explained in the additional information I will send you). We will continue with the induction, the same way as the day prior, which will take you to memories in your childhood, to moments inside your mothers womb and to your most recent or important past life for this process. This time we will not deepen into it, we will only use it as a warm up to deepen the hypnotic trance. The journey towards the spiritual world will initiate the moment you abandon your physical body in your past life.

Once we have completed all the objectives that you have for this session of life in between lives, I will help exit the hypnotic trance slowly in order to return to the normal state of consciousness. You will remember all the important details from the experience and the sensation of a stronger connection much more deep with your soul self.

If you have any questions, please call me. It is important that you trust and that you feel comfortable with me. I will be delighted to be your guide in this marvelous experience. It’s worth it. Cheer up!